About to begin the L-1 process

Hey Saurabh

Appreciate the well-informed and thorough responses to the hundreds of queries posted to you. Could you help me with the below - my company is thinking of moving me to the US on an L-1, and at this stage I am quite clueless about the process, types of visas etc.

a) What’s the best way to know about L-1 - it’s pros, cons, details on application process, what to keep in mind etc.

b) There seem to be quite a few queries asked of you re change of status from L-1 to H-1B. Why is this such a popular option?

c) Is L-1 the same as L-1B?

Many thanks


  1. There is an article on the blog that compares H-1 and L-1. It may be a good starting point

  2. One cannot change employers on L-1. So lot of people enter US on L-1, and then get H-1 petition filed along w/ COS from L-1 to H-1. This gives them more freedome to change employers

  3. It can either be L-1A (for executives) or L-1B (for non-executives).