About GRE and Toefl exams and scheduling

I am writing my GRE exam which is scheduled on october 4th 2012. I am planning to apply for the fall 2013.Do i need to write TOEFl asap before submitting my documents to the respective colleges or can i wait and take my exam in the month of november? please throw light on this situation.Also, are there thin chances of scholarships if applied for the spring?

It is better to send your TOEFL score when you apply, which makes your application packet a complete one. Otherwise you will be given a conditional I-20 temporarily and you wil be required to submit your TOEFL scores later to get the regular one.

If your GRE scores are very high then the chances of scholarship are higher, if the scores fall in mediocore range, fund yourself for the first semester, get good grades and then approach the professor who has projects/grants.

Typically people say that Spring the fundings are less as Fall is the time when more students join. And also the funding/contracts for GA/GRA/ TA start from Fall and end in Spring. They are renewed/handed out again in Fall.