about eligibility criteria for H1b visa which is got refused

Dear Sir/Madam,

i had H1b I travelled to USA during 2010, at port of Entry, they changed my visa fromH1b to B1/B2.

Now I got H1b approval, I went for visa appointment at Chennai, but during interview, the consulate officer without seeing any documents he told I am ineligible for visa and he gave me letter with section 212(a)6©, I am verymuch shocked with this, please guide me regarding this,

When you said during your travel to US in 2010,why they had converted from H1 to B1? Is there any specific reason?

Is your current company used the same H1b(since you have the left out period) to appear the current visa interview? If this is the case, there is a proper reason to get 212(a)6©. If they have filed a fresh H1B then you have to provide more details about the 212 details.