A little bit of advice please ??


I really wanted to ask you some questions.I recently graduated from NIT-Surat in Gujarat.My engineering discipline is Mechanical Engineering.I have joined one of India's good companies.I am working for Larsen and Turbo.I finished around 6 months here.I wanted to ask you if it is really really worth coming to united states ? and how much demand they have for engineers?? Is it easy to get H1B visa ? how much experience do i need ? I saw your blog ... it was really impressive.Please guide me ?



As per your question, I understand you have 6 months of work experience. Getting a H1 B visa is not the first process to enter. There should be some employer who should be ready to offer employment for your experence and skillset. Market is ok for engineers depending on the work experience, skillset etc. Try browsing some employers to findout the job first. It is better to try with your current employer if they have US operations.