A few Visa Interview questions - If the answer is I am not aware

Please suggest if during my visa interview if the Visa Officer asks me any of the following questions/any combination of the following questions:

1. Who is the[b] founder of the company [/b]you are going to work for/ [b]is he an Indian[/b]?
2. Who is/are the[b] Director(s)[/b] of the comapny? are they all [b]Indians[/b]?
3. How many[b] employees [/b]of the company are [b]on H1B[/b]?
4. Are all the[b] employees Indian[/b]?
5. What is the [b]annual turnover [/b]of the comapny?

[b]AND, if my answer to the questions is that I am not aware of that, DOES THAT AFFECT MY CHANCES OF GETTING A VISA ?[/b]

Dear RTPC,

You are expected to know answers to Q.No 4 & 5.

Rest of the questions answer truthfully.

If you do not know thw answer say so.

Be Confident. Do not have any inferiority complex

Speak the truth. Present yr case properly and you will get the visa

Deepak Deshpande < Nagpur


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