A clarification about DS-160 form filling for B1/B2 visa?

What should I choose in the person paying for the trip option? Self or other person? I can personally pay for the trip but I was told that if I put in my dad or mom as the sponsor, I will have a better chance of visa approval as it shows family’s support / ties.

But I am confused by this guide here:

It says if I choose other person, they need to fill out the I-134 form? But this form looks like it needs to be filled only by someone who is presently residing in US? My parents live here in India.


Assuming that you are applying for B2 (tourist visa), you will have to choose Self. Choosing the other person option means someone in US is sponsoring your trip, which is typically the case when people invite their parents to come to US.

Thank you Pat. So, if I choose Self, would not having a job right now prove to be a major negative at the interview? (I do have enough savings to cover my expenses during the trip though.)

I don’t have a sibling, have a car in my name here, and also my parents have properties here. I have no relatives in US as well. I am going for an exam and a one month volunteer rotation at an university for experience.

So, there is no way to show my parents’ finances and properties as reasons for ties to the country? (given how I have no immovable property in my name)