90 days gap if traveled abroad but still volunteering - F1- OPT to H1b


How much details does USCIS look into for checking the OPT 90 days unemployment? I have been working 20 hours a week throughout my OPT and now my H1b has been filed and under processing. The issue is that I had to be in India for 3 months due to a family emergency. I was volunteering for US based company during the trip but was doing it from India. I found a full time job after coming back and H1b is picked in lottery. I also did not have nay issues at the port of entry. Do you think working as a volunteer for a US company but while being abroad is fine? If not, what should I do help myself during H1b processing?

IMO, they only count the time spent inside US unemployed on OPT.

If you were unemployed for <90 days when you were inside US on F-1 OPT, then you should be fine. If USCIS issues RFE asking for OPT employment details, the attorney can submit a letter detailing what dates you were inside US and then submit employment letters for the same period.