7th yr on H1B(Aprvd 140) with A, transfering to B company that is bought by C already, new mgmt(C) will start in 2 mnths

Hi All,

I am on my 7th yr of H1B and have an approved i140(PD 01/20/2013) with company A. My visa is valid until 08/15/2017. I am currently working as a contractor with B company over 3 years and B is willing to hire me and transfer my H1B to B and start the GC process in few months. But B is already bought by C and the transition is in progress. C will start running the whole operations in 2 months. If B’s H1B transfer is approved in premium, then I am planning to join B, not while the petition is in motion.

Questions below and expecting expert answers, Thanks in advance:

  1. What could be the new end date for B’s H1B transfer?

  2. What will happen to the H1B with B, if C start running the whole operations in 2 months?

  3. As I am not expecting to go out of status and leave the country for any reason, what could be my best ways/odds to smoothly transfer to B, and start working with new C management and retain my priority date (01/20/2013)



I guess you are being worried too much, better take a step back for a moment.

You will be fine.

Company B would get the H1B issued. Once it becomes Company C, you can continue to work for C as usual.

Company C can file your new immigration petition process.


  1. Not sure. It could be 08/15/2017 (if its based on your existing approval) or one/three years from the date of approval.

  2. I have already answered it above

  3. again, it will be smooth.