7 years will complete on L1A, what ar ethe option to stay beyond that

Hi Saurabh,

My I-94 will expire on March 16, 2013 & I’m on the 7th year of my L1A. As per my records, I’ve still 60 days to complete 7 years on L1A, if I come back to US after the renewal of my visa in Aotil, 2013.

My queries are:-

  1. Will transferring from L1 to H1 (under this year’s cap) will extend my stay in US beyond 7 years?

  2. Filing GC under Eb1 will help?

  3. If you can suggest any other way to stay in US, as my departure will have a big impoact on the company?



  1. No

  2. You cannot apply for L-1 extension on the basis of pedning GC.

  3. See if you can work from CA. If yes, then they can file GC for you in EB-1 and you can return once your GC process is completed. As you will be outside of US during GC process, it won’t be AOS but a consular interview.

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