6th year running on H1B, moving to Canada. How long should I wait to file L1A to get full 7 years.


I arrived in US in May 2013 and staying in the US on H1B status for 5 years now. I joined my present employer within US in Feb 2016 in a managerial position. I have never worked for this employer outside US. My employer could not file PERM for me yet but is ready to send me to Canada immediately for a year. I am planning to come back after staying 365+ days outside US and then re-enter on L1A visa.

Can you please advise me on below points:

  1. If I get my L1A visa approved and stamped will I get full 7 years in US after re-entering or will I just be allowed to stay for 2 years.

  2. Can I file the L1A visa from Canada before completing 365+ days outside US or does it need to be filed after completing 365 days.

  3. If I visit US for urgent client meetings before finishing 365 days out side US on B1 visa will it impact my 365 days calculation?

Your accurate and timely response will be much appreciated.