3RD time clock stopped Is it denial or RFE?

Hi Saurabh,

Asking the question again as didn't got reply from you.Really count on your views.

Process: h4 to H1

Centre: VSC 
Processing : PP 
1st rfe: June ’13( Asking paystubs and other employer related info which my employer didn’t revealed , confirmed me its an easy one)

I was left bit relaxed but nerved. 
To no more surprise ,I am one of the unluckiest person who recvd 2nd one.

2nd Rfe: July 13 ( Employer-emp relationship, totally employer related query)

Employer responded in SEP. 
Clock stopped on 8 oct 2013 and stuck at IR status. Attorney is still not sharing details and saying that they haven't recieved anything ? Is that possible?

[b]Is this denial or approval? I dnt want third RFE here .[/b]

A PP case started in april going till october sounds weird isn’t it. I came here on leaves from a top MNC and now i have resigned that company just few days back. …feeling pity on myself… I am planning back to go to my home country while my spouse wud be here as career matters to me a lot…

[b]Fingers crossed just 0.1% are the approval chances now.[/b]


Same case for me too. 3rd time clock stopped . What is your status now? RFE or decision?. Pls update.



hey. its denied :frowning: