3 Years Education Gap how to justify?

I need help please its urgent.

I have completed my engineering in Information Technology from mumbai university this year with BE-63% .I’m planning to take admission in Spring 2015 for CS.

I took my GRE and did preety well scored 321(V-158 Q-163) and tofel-109.

Now the problem i’m faceing I had 3 years education gap 1 after 12th and 2 in enineering.

I had 14 dead kt’s.

I don’t know what to do now I did my best for GRE and TOFEL.Did not thought about this education gap thing will be a problem.

How should I mentioned/justify this gap in my SOP. Very tensed feeling what ever hard work I did for GRE is ruined.

please help me pleaseeeeeeeeeee

Which university will admit me with such bad acad.

I have 1 year NGO work experience

Well, you should never lie in your application. In my view, they would not be too much of a concern for admission. You just have to articulate your situation…Your good scores prove that you have improved and has the passion. Admission counsellors always look for your improvement and passion. You can get into good schools. If you are not sure, you can reach out to few admission counsellors and seek their advice in some good schools, they can advise you.