3 year bachelor degree in the US eligible for h1b?

I’m considering applying for a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree in the US at an accredited school.Do the USCIS guys take into account the degree type only (since it’s an US degree) or would I still need the 4-years in school to qualify?What if the school decided to condense the degree by maintaining the total number of credits but making the course more intensive?And the other way around as well, what about a not so intensive 3-year Bachelor’s Program in which the person decides to slow down so it takes 4 year to complete, would that qualify?I find the number of year thing very weird and inaccurate requirement. They should state the minimum amount of credits, or those guys should realize an accredited degree has already been accredited, so a government institution has already said it’s a valid Bachelor’s Degree, no matter the time.Can someone enlighten me?