2nd Time 221G

My company processed my 221g form after an year(4th Jan 2017) i got the blue slip(5th Jan 2016) requesting for invite letter, project description and contract letter. They processed with an explanation stating that our company is still doing business with so so client. Also produced initial contract letter(not the latest), bills, invoice etc as supporting document…, But what was requested is Client invite letter, project description and contract letter.

On 17th Jan 2017 I got a letter(blue slip 221g) from Consulate to send the updated SOW of the project. our company has project extended till March 2017 for two employee in USA. But it was for development and I am into testing. Also the client is not ready to give any document since it is about to close.

How long is the validity of the new 221g ?

I do not know what to do? My company has put my US VISA stamping dreams into nowhere ?

What should my company do If they could not get the updated SOW?

What will happen to the my CAP ?

Will I be able to transfer my H1b petition to other employer? If so how?