2nd RFE issued by USCIS, please help

I put a H1 transfer to CTS 2 months ago and they issued an RFE asking for Client letter, SOW and Managerial letter.

CTS answered will evidences except for Client letter, Since client has a policy of not issuing client letter.

Now last week i was issued RFE again?

I am almost sure that this is regarding missing client letter.

I dont know if there is a way out. Can anybody share their experiences if they have gone through similar scenario,

Thank you!

Its quite normal for some petition getting second RFE. Most of the petitions are submitted now a days without client invitation letter. Don’t be panic regarding client invitation letter. please wait until you see the Requested documents, may be they have posted some other query also.




NOw same situation for me

Recntly i have joined cognizant. now i got my 2nd rfe. 1st rfe for SOW , CLIENT LETTER, MANAGER LETTER, they replied without client letter. now i got 2nd rfe. Now i am tensed, can you please update me what happened to your case. because i am in same sitution. thanks in advance

I have also benn selected by Cognizant and they have filled transfer in premium processing this Monday. Yet to receive receipt number. What are the chances of getting transfer approved. Did any one else face issue with transfer.