2nd H1B transfer within 15 days without pay stub


I am on L1B VISA currently for company A and Company B filed my H1B VISA through consular processing though I am in US. My petition was approved in Sept’2016 but company B asked me to join now and they are now filing my L1 to H1 COS from H1B Consular processing.

I have following queries.

  1. I have an offer from Company C and i want to join them after L1 to H1 COS is approved. Can I join company C within 15 days of joining Company B and without generating paystub on H1B for company B ?

  2. Can Company C file for my H1B transfer by only using H1B petition ?

  3. Is it required to go for stamping or COS will be fine for 2nd H1B transfer ?

Hi vm16

I am in a similar situation as yours. I joined company B on 01/23/2017 and want to switch to company C. They filed the transfer on 02/09/2017.
I didn’t get a Paystub after two weeks of joining company C and had to request them to provide me with a paystub before actual pay.
They provided me with one paystub and I sent it to the lawyer.
I read on many forums that minimum 2 Paystubs are required for h1 transfer but the lawyer said since I just joined the company B, 1 most recent paystub is enough.
Anxiously waiting for the transfer and worried about it.

Thanks arjoyita.ar for your reply.

I have one more query.
Did your petition number change every time you apply for H1B transfer ?
My H1B company has filed from H1B consular to H1B cos so i don’t know if it will change my H1B petition number or not ? It will be difficult for me to join another company in case they don’t provide me any documents.