240 days expiring, can a bridge petition be applied?


My 194 has expired and my 240 days will got over next week. I had got a RFE on my H1B extension (that was in regular processing), and when we thought of responding RFE with premium, the premium processing was cancelled due to COVID situation. I am aware that after 240 days, I can stay in USA, but cannot work. Is it possible for me to apply a bridge petition on top of this extension so that I can continue working even after the 240 days get over?

I dont think you can work beyond 240 days. My petition was luckily approved before I hit the 240 days mark but I remember asking my employer the same question and they said I can stay in US beyond the 240 days but I cannot work under any circumstance and I will be put on loss of pay. I know some companies pay their employees become going back to native country is not an option right now with travel restrictions and Covid19 health concerns. I would recommend reaching out to an attorney to see your options.

Thank you. I have asked my attorney as well about the bridge petition. Waiting for answer from them.

Attorney mentioned A “bridge application” is when successive H-1B transfer petitions are filed for an alien while the previous H-1B petitions remain pending and while the period on the initial I-94 card has expired. This does not apply in this case as we filed your extension.

After 240 days, are we not out of status? and need to return back to india? How long can we stay in US without H1b, do we need to convert to any other visa to stay in USA?
I am in same situation, can you please let me know how to stay in USA after 240 days.