2221G Blue slip - Client Letter - Vendor?

Hi All,

I attended my h1b visa interview recently and I got 221g blue slip. I submitted all the documents that were asked in a blue slip. As part of the client verification process, my client manager received an email to verify my job responsibilities and work location but as per there policies, he is not responding to that email. I got an email recently from embassy asking to send updated client letter as my client is not responding can I submit an implementation partner(Wipro) letter?


Well, you may, but I am not sure, if that will solve the issue or the request from Embassy. I understand that your client is not willing to respond…If there is a way you can get that on email from client to you and then use that email and then submit the vendor letter, it may work…Otherwise, it may be difficult. I would suggest you discuss with your attorney and then take it forward.