221g yellow slip after 221g white slip

Hello Friends

I got 221g yellow slip, here is complete details

  1. Apr 24 2017 I submitted my passport to Dropbox for stamping at new USA consulate.

  2. The status was ready until 4/28/17.

  3. I visited to consulate 4/28/17, and requested for status, they said will be updated in two working days

  4. After enquirer, On same day status got changed to AP

  5. On 5/2/17 got mail passport returned , picked up with 221g white slip, and asked for interview.

  6. On 5/3/17 I went for interview, and got 221g Yellow slip, and interviewer told me it may take 1-2 week for verification.

Please share your experience if any one gone through same process , and got h1 stamp approval .

Thank you

Admin processing is an usual step, you just have to wait for few weeks, as the officer mentioned. They just need to verify something that you have submitted. If all the documents submitted are true, and the project details are satisfactory, you should not have any issues in getting an approval.

Any updates within this year ?