221G Yellow form for H1B 2021

Hi Guys,
i have went to stamping for my H1B on Jan 2021, they have asked NIE letter, we have submitted that as well. after travel ban lift went back to embassy and they have asked additional documents and submitted those as well via mail.
got below mail after the documents submission, its almost 3 months, what will be process times and chances in my case.

Please also submit soft copies of all your prior U.S. visas. Once we have received all of the documents requested above, we will proceed with the additional administrative processing required on your application. No processing will take place until all of the required documents are received.


Sorry to hear you are going through such a hassle.

A yellow form is issued when the visa consulates need more time to look at the documentation provided by the applicant. Depending upon how extensive this is, the time to revert can fluctuate. These type of cases require general administrative processing to substantiate the documents.

How long since you got the last email from the consulate requesting the soft copies of your visas and when did you respond?

Hi Kalpesh,
Thanks for the updates, I have responded then on April-27-2021. It’s almost 70 days.

Also in worst situation will they deny my visa or revoke my approved petition?


Unfortunately you will just need to wait till you hear back. Hopefully they will approve if all documents requested have been provided by you and validated by the consulate.