221g white slip - Original I797 retained

I am living in US for about 6 years now and came here due to a family emergency.I have attended stamping interview in Hyderabad on April 15th 2016. She asked Questions.Who is employer, who is client , Role, location , how long you are with your current employer.

Then she returned my passport ,asked my original i797 and Copy of h1 petition,LCA and gave a white slip . But nothing is marked on it except case number. She did not give any further information and started processing the next person behind me.

Based on research i have done it looks like some kind of worst case scenario.

Does anyone have similar experience where original 797 is retained and passport is returned with white slip

what are typical timelines in cases like this. Any information you provide will be helpful in this stressful situation for me.

Thank you

  • Are all your tax records in order?

  • Do you have any out of status in last 6 years within US?

  • Are you employed by a consultancy and working at a client location without location change amendment?

  • Is your employer under DOL investigation?

When was your last visa stamped? Was it through same employer?

It was stamped in 2007 through a different employer. I have never travelled outside since then.

There are no timelines for this, but could take few weeks to several months. They may be doing background check to verify your employment and client/project. Stay in touch w/ your employer/client as they may hear from State Department or USCIS soon.

Sure I will follow up with them. Considering the indefinite time line I am considering going for h4 stamping as my wife is on h1b.
Do we need to withdraw this stamping case/ petition before going for h4 stamping.
Thank you saurabh for taking time to answer.

I don’t think you need to withdraw H-1 stamping. I read few experience some time ago where applicant went for successful H-4 visa stamping while H-1 was pending in 221g.

Once in US, you can file COS from H-4 to H-1.