221g white slip:Hydereabd

Hi All,

Been for H1B stamping yesterday [2/6] and got 221g white slip.

I have checked my status and its been moved to adminstrative processing. VO asked for some extra documents to be mailed…

Please help me what to be done further and how many days it will take to clear this?

Am completely disappointed, as VO didnt ask any documents and last said, I know you have all the docs with you, but still, mail the same. :frowning:



They ask to mail the docs when they need to verify the docs. It is not possible for them to check the authenticity of docs during the visa interview.

There is no set processing time and could take anywhere from few weeks to several months.

Did u go through company or any consultancy?? how was the interview??

so do you mean that, i can still have a hope and nothing is completed yet? or what?
already suffered with my name change amendment for 5 months. and now this… :frowning:

221g doesn’t mean denial. Its like RFE that USCIS issues. The visa may still be approved.

Hello Chaithanya, Could you please let me know if there is any progress in your Admin processing? What documents were asked and when did you submit?
Is this your first H1 stamping? What questions were asked? Please let me know.