221g White Slip from Chennai consulate office - Submit your passports


My wife and I appeared for visa interview at Chennai consulate on 15th Sep 2012. Interview was good, VO kept our passports and returned I-129S forms (2 copies) with APPROVED stamp on it, and said that they will review our case one more time before stamping visa on passports. Few days later, they returned our passports with 221g blue sheet to submit few documents from employer. My employer provided all the documents which were mentioned in 221g form.

Recently I recieved another 221g form - this time white one - that says “Submit your passports” at neares VFS office. I submitted my wife’s and my passports and DS160 confirmation page to VFS.

My question is - since they asked for our passports, does it mean that our visas are approved, they asked our passports so that they can stamp visas on them?

Appreciate all your responses.



I received my passport back from consulate with US VISA stamped on it :slight_smile:

But my wife’s passport is not traceable at this moment. “Track your passport” on VFS site shows too old information. Where it might have stuck? Any idea?

Hi Jazz4fun,

Can you tell me how many days it took you to get your passport back with visa stamped after you submitted the passport? I am in the same situation.
Thanks in advance for any information.