221g white slip asking for New Passport


Last week I have attended my H1B visa stamping in Hyderabad consulate. Interview went on well. He asked me general questions like where are working, what is your highest degree, roles and responsbilites etc and at the end said that my passport is peeling off and gave me a 221g white slip with just [b]NEW PASSPORT[/b] box checked and gave back all the documents and took my finger prints.

He asked me to drop the new passport in the VFS.

What does this indicate? visa approved?

what would be normal processing time for this?


Not sure but it should take 15-30 days more after you drop off the new passport. This is the general admin processing time now a days.

Thank you for your response.

What does it indicate? ie; asking to drop the NEW PASSPORT? Visa approved or any chances of asking any documents again?

I am not too sure, but with what you have provided here, it looks like the VO is only looking for the new passport to stamp your visa. It does sound like it is approved. But as the saying goes its not over till its over.

Yes, makes sense. Thanks for your time on this.

Yesterday in CEAC, my application status is showing as ‘ISSUED’.
Does this mean that my Visa is approved? If so, when can I expect my passport?


Today I have received my passport with Visa stamped. It took 2 working days for the visa processing and two more days to receive it.

Congratulations!! Have a safe trip !!