221g White form Mumbai

Hi Sourabh,

Request your advice on my case below.

I have attended H1B visa Interview at Mumbai on 30-Dec-2014.

Visa refused under 221g white form with request of Detailed Project description and past 2 years Tax documents and asked me to send PDF copies of above thru email. VO have returned all the documents included I-797. None of the documents kept with him from me.

I have informed my employer on the same and My attorney have submitted the documents on the next working day 31-Dec-2014.

1,2,3 & 4th Jan are public holidays for US embassy and I got an email from US embassy on 5th Jan 2015 and asked me to submit I-129 for further processing.

I have informed the same to my employer and My attorney submitted I-129 to US embassy thru email on 06-Jan-2015. My employer has taken speed action.

If you could assume/provide suggestion, how long with take to get out come?

Following are my questions:

        Since I have all the Original documents, after 60 days waiting time, can I schedule a new appointment with Chennai Embassy?

        Can I find a new client with the same approved petition and can I go for the new interview with new client letter?

Hello Murali, I know its been a while this was posted but just wanted to check with you after how long was your VISA approved? Could you please let me know the timelines. Appreciate your time.

Thank you.