221g reinterview and employment change


I had applied for B1 visa in april, 2015 and till now its been 7 months, they now say to attend for the interview again but due to some reasons i changed the company. So would anybody help me what I have to do, what documents I have to take for interview as my previous employer changed.



Was your B-1 trip related to old employer? If yes, then they may no longer want to support your interview.

Does the new employer has any need for you to be in US on B-1?

Yes B1 trip was related to old employer and I don’t think as of now there is requirement of me to be in US from new employer. So please suggest what documents I need to carry for re Intrveiw and what r the chances of getting visa? I want to be true doesn’t want to lie or cheat

If the purpose of B-1 trip is no longer applicable, then you shouldn’t appear for interview.

Thank you for your response. But I have couple of doubts.

What happens to the applicator which I have applied? If I get the B1 visa it would be helpful if there are any future visits.

Can I check with current employer if there can be any short term trainings in US and if they say yes do I have to get new invitation letter?

Thank you in advance

Once B-1 is issued, it can be used in future as well and doesn’t get tied to the original intent. However, the issue is getting the B-1 itself. You need to give a reason for B-1 and your original reason is no longer valid.

If the current employer has a reason to send you to US, then you can use that to appear for B-1 stamping. If not, then I suggest not to get B-1 for now.

You can still apply for B-1 in future.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for ur prompt reply, so i just skip the interview and the visa application will be rejected. Whenever in future if I need to travel I can reapply with no issues right?

You can write a letter to the consulate letting them know that you no longer work for the old employer and the business need is no longer applicable. So you wish to withdraw your visa application. Keep a copy of the letter with yourself for future reference. I assume the passport is w/ you and not the consulate.