221g pink slip for my wife and 221g white slip for me

Hi Geeks, 


         On Sep 25 my wife went for H1b stamping and got a pink 221g slip, I went for H1b stamping last week Oct 19 and got a white slip 221g. for my wife the us visa officer said everything is fine but we need to do further administrative processing hence pink slip. We assume that its her name change and religion change that triggered the pink slip but not sure.. Can anyone tell us if every document is clear why a pink slip was given? and why its taking 4 weeks to get a response. The status still shows pending processing for her but all those who got slip on that day already got stamped.


For me, everything went well but I was asked to show the Job Description, I was searching the documents in the 3 set of files that I took to interview, the officer doesn't have enough patience and immediately gave a white slip and said no need to rush send us your documents via courier. Will this be an issue? 


Attorney has attached my old resume 3 years experienced in petition, but I'm 8 years experienced now and the position is for 7 years will this create issues during review?

Pink slips are issued typically when they have to do background check on the individual (either due to religion or the field they are working in). It can also be issued when some administrative work is required on consulate side. Typical processing time is 3-8 weeks.

As for the white slip, they would review it in few months and get back to you if additional documents/information is required. Did they ask for any document submission for you?