221g issued with blue slip and passport returned

I came to India on 3 weeks vacation and went for H1B stamping on 18th May. They didnt ask for any doc but gave me a blue slip and asked me check the status online. The status is adminitrator processing. They returned my passport too. My family is alone in US. Please help me to know the approximate time frame. Thanks.

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Is the status from CEAC ?

There are a handful of things you may want to consider here.

Nobody can tell the exact time frame by which the Administrative processing completes.

Work with you employer to make sure any quesitons related to your job,position is answered properly if asked by USCIS , through any means of communication.

The same applies to the client, if you are working at offsite. Here you may have less control, since many big clients may take some time to respond.

Assuming your family is on a dependent or H4 visas , there are other things to consider as well.

The H4 status is dependent on the principal applicants status.Are you paid in the US for the period that you are in India? if you are paid Semi-Monthly in 3 weeks time you should have one or more paychecks depending on the week you traveled abroad.

If you are paid , things are fine .If you are not paid , strictly speaking you are not in status. Which means your dependends are not in status . Which by books is not ok . But you may not have an issue, since you can explain if asked, since these are unforeseen issue .

But it would be better to bring them back , if the admin processing is taking more than 6 months and you are not paid for this period.

I am saying 6 months , since post 180 days of out of status triggers questions for sure.

Please note. This is not my legal advice. I am not in any capacity to provide any legal advice. I am not a lawyer