221G for B2 – Additional Administrative required


My father attended B2 Visa interview on Friday July 19 at Chennai and he received with a 221g(Additional Administrative required check box marked) - Consular did not take the Passport at the counter, can someone please help me finding answers for below?

  1. What is Additional Administrative means to applicant- is that something we need to do (or) Consulate would take care on their side?

  2. What could be outcome of this - can my father get B2 visa approved and how long this process takes to get visa?

  3. The 221g Claims there is no new appointment required - on reply to any query, should i give the passport to VFS or should i make new appointment for interview?

Thanks in Advance


  1. If they have asked for any documents, then you need to submit that and wait for them to complete the processing. If they haven’t asked for any docs, then just wait.

  2. It can be either depending upon what they are doing in the background.

  3. They will ask for passport when they are ready to issue the visa. Until then you don’t need to submit the passport.