221g for 63 days of F1 visa: what to do?

I finished my PhD recently and am on OPT. It has been 63 days since they placed me on 221g when I applied for F1 visa from Delhi. I do not have common muslim name, but work in computer engineering.

Can you please tell, what should I do. Is there something I can do to speed up the process or know the status of the case. I will be thankful for your response.

Unfortunately all you can do is to wait.

They must be checking whether you abused your F1 visa. If you did not abuse it you need not worry. Did your F1 expire while you were on OPT? At times it becomes difficult to issue F1 as you are working and not studying.

221g’s are painful but all you can do is to wait.

I did not abuse the visa: everything was fine.

Yes, my visa expired when I was (am) on OPT. So they placed me on 214b and 221g.

ya you should have avoided going India till you get H1b or some other work visa. I think you will have to wait for sometime and you will get your F1 approved.
BTW which university? Hopefully its is not one of those - Tri valley…

Thanks a lot for giving hope. Already waited for 67 days now. My univ is within top 50 in US and is a reputed one.
Yes, I regret seeking visa on OPT.