221g-ds5535 Should I call, I've been waiting for 5 days and I haven't received anything

I went for the interview on November 18 and was accepted. The passport was taken. I was told to wait 3 days. After waiting, I received the passport with a white paper 22g inside. My case is rejected and under administrative processing. Note that I found an old message in the email on October 7 that I sent ds-5535 and I did not notice the message and now sent ds-5535 After the interview, am I waiting for a response or is my case confirmed that I refused to send my ds-5535 late?

Hello, You have been chosen for extensive vetting and background checks. This appears to be standard practice in most Middle Eastern countries, since I am into the same scenario
In this situation, all you can do is wait. Furthermore, having more facts will allow to better analyze your situation

Is this your first time applying?
Have you recently travelled to another country?