221g, consulate requesting USA travel history

I interviewed at Delhi consulate in early May for my J1 revewal. I was given a white 221G slip. On July 8th I received an email from the consulate asking me to submit information related to my full travel history to USA. Since they already have my passport and I have provided my travel history in DS 160 I am not sure what other proof I can give. I would appreciate if somebody can advise me in this. Thanks in advance.


The only possible reason that I see for this query is that There is a diifference in what you filled in DS 160 form and what Passport shows. Another possible reason is that stamps in Passport are not clear or are of such types which can be interpreted differently. One more possible reason is that there may be some discrepancy in what you wrote and and what their records show

I hope you have a copy of filled DS 160 with you. Cross check if you inadvertently have made some mistake there.

Thanks for your reply Sudeep
Unfortunately I did not print the DS 160. Although I filled the dates on my DS 160 from my passport, there is always a possibility of mistake. What is the best course of action you suggest now?

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