221g clearance letter sent by consulate but not received by me

I had my B1/B2 visa interview on 17 April and as per 221g (TAL) letter I submitted my required documents on 18th April. This was my 11th 221g . My visa was never rejected but each time got one year visa. On 24 th May I sent mail to support@ustraveldoc asking about status of admin processing. On 25 May they replied that “In response to your question, please note that as per case number “Case-2019- 05-22-XXXXXX” you received the below instructions:” and instruction was that they are ready for final processing and I should submit my passport. ( which are common instructions after 221g processing is over) Now my problem is --I have not received any email ( in spam folder too ) which they say I received ( instructions). I need to take print out of email ( which I was supposed to receive) Can I take print out of the mail I received in response to my email when I submit my passoport to drop-off location. This is the first time it happened that they sent mail to submit passport and I did not receive it. ( during last 10 times )

Well, you can give it a try, if you are really in rush. You may or may not be allowed to submit. The better thing to do is call them again and ask to re-send the email to them asking that you have not received the email. It could be just that the mail did not get processed due to technical glitch. Alternatively, you can chat with them or call them as well, check their support page and get it processed again…

on 26 May I called support contact number and was told I can submit the reply print received from them. 27 May being holiday on 28 May I could submit my passport to drop off location.

That’s great. Do share the outcome and experience with users atUser Experiences

CEAC status
30 May AP
31 May AP
3 June morning AP
3 June at 10.30 am - Issued
Passport status - still with consulate

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Great, Congrats for clearing yet another TAL ! Do share, if they gave multiple years validity this time around :slight_smile:

4 June got mail - passport ready for pickup
Passport collected.
Got visa for 10 years without annotation so next time just drop box.
Last 15 years each time one year visa and with annotation.

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This is awesome ! Congrats ! Finally you do not have to go through this every year !!!
What does the annotation used to say in the past ?

Annotation used to be-- clearance received ( on with date)

Got it. Thanks again !