221g - Chennai Consulate - Nov 2017

Lost Passport in US with valid H1B stamped

Eligible for drop off

Dropped off on 11/20

Picked Passport on 11/28 : 221g blue to attend interview

Interview - 11/30

Usual questions - Employer? Salary? Job Duties?

Asked for copy of police report, copy of lost visa, resume

Retained passport. 221g again with administrative processing checked.

Anyone with Blue 221g attended interview in Nov 2017 please post updates.

Interview on 28Nov2017 chennai consulate. Usual questions asked. 221g blue slip issued with AP checked. No documents were asked. Passport retained. Waiting for updates now!

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Hi… My interview was today Dec 26th Chennai. I m in the same situation. My resume was taken in my visa interview. In my 221g form, there are no checked docs for document submission. Do I still need to submit any documents? Did you get ur approval ?

Hi Dimple90, yes I did get mine approved and issued. Took 2 business weeks from the time of Visa Interview for the visa to be issued. It appears to be happening for some with Masters Degree. I saw similar cases and trend in another forum with same trend and timeline. Only thing impacted is the travel timeline. It is suggested to have your return travel plans 3 to 4 weeks after the visa interview, to avoid the flight cancellation/ rebooking. Good luck with your visa stamping…

Hi… Thanks so much for your response.
Did you get any call or email after the visa interview? Did you to submit any documents?

Hi Dimple,

I am on the same boat. How long did it take for you to get your passport back?


Sorry for the delayed response,Dimple90… I did not receive any calls or emails after the interview. I was not asked for any documents submission either. I only received an email when the passport was ready for pickup… I hope everything went well for you and you got your passport… All the best.

Thanks so much for ur response. I got my passport issued.

Hi Aravind… sorry for the delay in replying. I just got my passport issued today. It took almost one month after the interview. Good luck to you

Dimple90, Glad you got your passport back… All the very best and safe travels back to the US :slight_smile:

Thankyou so much dear !!
How was ur POE experience ?

POE experience was different than my previous. I was not asked for any documents during my Visa Interview at the Consulate but was asked at the POE. I was asked for client letter, 221 g etc…

Hi Everyone, I benefited from posts in this forum when getting my H-1B extension stamped and wanted to contribute back to the forum. Mine is H-1B extension with approved I-140 and working for reputed Indian IT company.

Day 1 - Submitted dropbox application in Chennai VFS
Day 5 - Status changed to admin processing
Day 6 - Case status: Admin processing. Passport status: Received from consular section and being processed for delivery
Day 8 - Passport returned with blue 221(g) asking to attend interview and bring client letter
Day 12 - Attended interview and provided client letter. VO asked questions on job location, client, highest education, salary and said visa was approved
Day 13 - Case status: Admin processing
Day 14 - Case status: Issued. Passport status: Received from consular section and being processed for delivery
Day 15 - Received passport with visa stamped