221g after Dropbox at New Delhi


I received 221g after drop box submission for H1 renewal. I am a FTE since last 6 years. I was asked to submi5 the passport and proof of filing of I 140 which I did yesterday , 21st Dec. I am wondering what could be the timeline after submitting the additional documents. Has anyone else in our members experienced something similar ? Please share it here. It’s indeed very unexpected and stressful and 8 would really appreciate if s9meone can share their timeline


Based on the new policy change by USCIS that was made earlier this year, your previous approvals and status will not be considered while making a decision on your current application submitted. Each application will be considered as it was made for the first time. This would be a back ground check, and you should hear from them in few weeks.


That is for renewing the VISA which I already have. This is for stamping and the directive does not cover that.


Just because USCIS has approved your petition, it does not mean the visa is guaranteed by the consulate. The consulate still looks through it again. Please be patient the timeline depends on case by case basis. Few have received the reply in a week or two.