221g After 5 days with Passport (( Yellow slip Delhi ))


My name is Raj, I have recently attended H1b Visa in Delhi consulate. See below info ,

Date of interview Feb 07 2022

VO: Passport Pls

Me: Gave my passport

VO: is Project internal or external ?

Me: External

VO: End Client Name


VO: Spell XZY

Me: XYZ Spelled

VO: Your Visa is approved and passport will be sending in mail.

Me: Thanks

After 3 Days I check my visa status showed it was in administrative processing .

After 4 Days I check My visa status showed Refused ,

I checked my email and list of 8 documents asked to send .

After 5 Day I received my passport with yellow slip, asking to submit end client letter along with passport at nearest consulate

I have replied consulate email on March\14\2022 (HLprocessing@state.gov) with 8 documents

Question : Do I need to wait for email confirmation to submit my passport ?

or Shall Submit my passport with end client letter without waiting for email ?

Please let me know your suggestion , Appreciate your help.



It clearly states in the email, right? Just go walk-in to the consulate and submit your passport with client letter. Take the copy of the yellow slip.

Thanks for the response.

First We received email from consulate asking for 8 documents. (Already sent 10 day ago )

After 5 days passport returned with yellow slip .
Submit passport with client letter

I am confused , which one should I follow ?

If you already responded to the email and submitted the 8 documents via email, you now just need to submit passport with client letter.

Thanks for your reply . I will try to submit my passport tomorrow and will update you.

Hi ,

I have received my passport today with Visa stamped.

Thanks for your support.