221 G white slip @ Kolkata for H1B stamping

Dear Team ,

at the time of Stamping i missed the proper LCA/Contract Letter (Since i am EVA Model} where i am working .

VO issued white slip and marked some documents to submit @ VFS center .She also kept my passport .I had submitted all required documents by 25 FEB 2013 at VFS center .

It’s been 2 months after RFE response but no response yet .

My Employer has checked with DOS / USICS and but got the same response ,saying that the Case is under admin Process and wil contact you once it over .

I am loosing hope day by day ,My client is also about to terminate the contract .

Can some of you kindly advice on this matter .I will be very thankful to you .

There is no way to expedite the process. You need to continue waiting. At times it takes weeks, and at times it can take months for it to get resolved.

Thanks Saurabh for your response .
My client is not ready to wait anymore .Suppose if they terminate the contract ,still can i travel to USA ? Please advise .

Thanks Saurabh for the information .
I got a call 2 weeks before from Kolkata Consulate that your client is not resonding to the questions .When i checked with my client they did not received any mails from them .I informed the same to Kolkata Consulate .
They asked the proper contact details of the client ,i shared the same info again .
Its been more than 10 days but my client has not received mail or inquiry from Consulate so far .

Can you please advise ? My mind is not working …I am about to loose the job since my case is pending from last 4 months …

Thanks in Advance

Seems like from your interview to the first (failed) contact to the client, it took them around 2 months. If they take similar time now, then it may cause an issue to your employment.

Talk to client/employer and see if they can grant you more time. You can follow-up w/ the consulate but they may not help you that much.

In case things don’t turn out the way you planned, find another employer and get H-1 transferred. Then, you can reappear for stamping.

Thanks Saurabh …Last morning My client got a mail regarding verification and they have replied the same with proper answers …Can you please guide me the next step …Thanks

The feedback will be submitted back to the consulate who will then either ask you to submit the passport for stamping (if they don’t have it already) or return the documents and send the petition back to USCIS for revocation (i.e. denial). Again, there are no set timelines for all this.

Thanks for your info …After two days of the client verification they called me to submit Pay stubs/W2 and bank statements and very next day i had submitted @ VFS office and sent them soft copy too …Please advice …

So they are ascertaining that you maintained legal status in US. Just keep submitting whatever they are asking and then wait to hear from them. There is nothing else you can do at this point.

Hi Saurabh ,

It’s more than a month after last document submission …Any suggestion as this point of time ?

Nothing you can do except to wait.

Just like to inform you that they retained my passport during time of interview …We are close to reach 60 days deadline after document submission but no response from them …Your help or any information will be highly Appreciated !!

Nothing else you can do except to wait. They can take even more than 60 days.

Dear Saurabh ,

Today i could see that the status updated date showing yesterday date 7 Aug 2013 …before that it was 08 Feb 2013 date of Interview only …No mails or calls from Consulate …Please advise …As per the forums once status change date change means they have taken decision …Kindly advice …

Dear Saurabh ,
Still the application show as Admin Process …FYI

It doesn’t mean decision always, as they would have updated the status message as well. Maybe some other update which doesn’t warrant a status change. Nothing you can do except continue to wait.

Hi ,

I have got mail that your visa has been rejected !!
Your petitioner does not appear to be either able or willing to provide qualifying
employment in the United States in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations.
Can you please advise …is there any other way to challange that decision …

They will now send the petition back to USCIS for reconsideration. USCIS will either revoke the petition or reinstate it. You can still go for another cap-exempt petition through same or different employer.

You cannot challenge this rejection. You will have to wait for USCIS to complete their review, but can start the cap-exempt process meanwhile.

Hi Saurav ,

I need some information …I was working on EVC model ,after visa refusal and so far no update from USCIS regarding any action ( I am sure they will reaffirm it ) …Other vendor for the same client is ready to transfer my H1B …Just want to know is this step legal in this stage ?
and My old vendor said that since u got rejection then don’t apply for 2-3 years and he is not ready to do anything for me now …

Please advise …Many thanks

The other vendor can file H-1 petition for you even now. They can submit copy of previously approved petition as proof of having made through the cap.