221(G) , L1A visa , Canada

Hi ,

I am an Indian citizen ,I had my Visa interview in Canada on 23rd apr 2018

after asking some basic question visa officer gave me white 221(G) but , he kept my passport. & also asked me to keep on checking the Status of my Visa online

It is almost 4 days there is no change in status , can anyone answer

  1. What is timeline for White 221(G) for L1A visa

  2. I am planning to go back to india for canada, what is the process to get my passport back from US consulate (even new US is not approved )

  3. If i take my passport and travel back to india ( before my 221 G approval) , but once it is approved do i need to come back to canada only to get it stamped or i can get it stamped in any US consulate in india ?