221(g) - hanging more than 6 months

I was given 221(g) - white slip, saying Administrative Processing, and they handed over the Passport at the Consulate itself; strangely, there was no information/indication of what information is expected, except Case Number and the case has been pending as long…

any suggestions, what does this mean, how should we pursue this or interpret it…?

You should follow-up with the consulate, send them an email with your DS-160 # and interview date as well as copy of 221g and request them for an update.
Alternatively you can tweet tagging the consulate handle and ask why it is taking so long for visa decision and your losses ( loss of salary,
employment, career progression etc) due to such a long wait.
People have recieved positive outcomes with tweets.

Thank you… I will make an attempt, then…!!! appreciate your resp.