221 g case " administrative process" process from 6+ months


From company A (US ) got visa stamped on Dec-13, made plan for travel in mar-14 i got call from consulate says that that company A is fraud & u can’t travel to us with this Visa.
consulate ask me to visit again, when i went to consulate they ask lot of questions about how u got etc…!
then we are sorry we can’t issue visa & cancelled, please choose good company.
after year company B found matching skils and initiated visa Transfer, LCA approved and got approved petition valid to Nov-2017.
(i had explained my old history to company B & provided the letter which i collected from consulate)
again attended visa interview with new, they have verified the docs and asked about last cancelled one with some questions, after 30min issued 221g blue slip with.
“Your application requires additional administrative process before a final decision can be made”
found status update three times and consulate contacted the client & client responded also.

From last 7 months no update in case status and still showing administrative process.

  1. Aproximately how long does it take?

  2. now if company C is ready to initiate transfer can i go ahead & provide the info or do i need to wait.

Please guide me,