221(g) by email at New Delhi Consulate

Hi all,

I attended my visa interview last week when I was told that my visa has been approved and I should get my passport in 3-5 days. However after 2 days, I got an email stating that my case is on hold under 221(g) pending submission of “passport-size photograph”.

This was a little odd as I was photographed at the New Delhi OFC center before my visa interview. I submitted the photographs on Friday.

I was wondering if anyone has gone through such experience recently or has any helpful information?

P.S. I already had a valid H1B visa and lost it along with my passport about a month ago.


Just to mention, my passport and petition was taken by consular officer after they told me that my visa has been approved!

Looks like they decided not to accept the photographs that their own photographer took. Looks pretty trivial 221g issue and should get resolved in a week or so. If it takes more then contact their help desk.

Nitingup, Did you hear back from embassy? I am goin through same ordeal, checkout my case details at this link - http://redbus2us.com/qa/11711/221g-email-after-interview-new-delhi-may-2013

I got my passport back within 2 days of submitting photographs. In your case, it looks like they asked for a lot of other documents as well. I am not sure why they would do that after approving your visa during the interview.