221(g) blue query and h1b petition transfer


I got 221(g) blue query and i have dropeed all requested documents on Feb’2009 at VFS center Hyderabad. Still now there is no response. And I saw USCIS status as “pending decision activity” and they received documents on 29th May 2009 for review them(Which I dropped). That’s it. There is no other way to track this 221(g) blue query.

Recently I came to know that transferring the existing h1b petition to other employer/sponser.

I would like to utilise the exiting h1b petition (apporved on May 2008).

Is that possible to do h1b petition transfer to other employer/sponser and attend interview if everything goes fine ?

If so, how to approch and to whom to approch ?

What are the things that i need to do from my side ?

Could anyone of you answer to my questions please. It would be great help to me proviing more information in this regard.

Thanks in Advance!