220g White slip marked others Issued for H1B - Hyderabad

Please help me:

My experience..


On time at the interview..and the VO asked me the client details, provided. Then he entered something in the system and went out and spoke to some admin personnel and then some lady came to me and took me with her into the admin office..


She asked about the employer and client, how i know the company all these details. I explained her briefly.


She told that she wanted a contract document with the project description and gave me the email ID hydfpu@state.gov and asked me to send the docs in three days. She took all the h1b related documents from me and gave my passport back.


On the whiteslip she checked others category and wrote Contract document & Project description needed..


My employer forwarded all those required document to the given mail id. I am really tensed.  Whats the process and is there any possibility of approval..


Please answer

They just want to make sure everything is genuine… Dont worry…