2015 H1B AD CAP without PP, got notice of receipt today.

Just got notice today, I think I get selected in the lottery. Now I’m starting to warry that I could get rejected during the review process.

So is it possible that my application get rejected during review process? If Yes, what might be the reasons?

Why do you think so? if you had thought like that you should not have applied, someone else would have got into the lottery!!!

Well, I guess I have to apply. I’m just always pessimistic about uncertainty…and I would be very grateful if you can help me understand the situation better.

Cool!!!, y do u bother then!!!, forget about it and have fun…its all about your employer and the job offer which will get you the H1…think that 87500 didnt get through the lottery, you are lucky!!! :slight_smile:

Hi Archy!,

Did you get the approval?

Hey Yep.
I got the approval notice about a week ago. Thanks for asking!