2013 H1b Case still pending on MTR, when do i expect result?

I applied for H1B in 2013, got RFE, answered H1B case rejected.

Then we did an MTR, but the case is still under Intial Review.

As 2014 underway, when do i expect USCIS to process my case or if even process?

it can take from 6 months to yr…Be careful of your status if you are in US ( MTR does not offer valid status)

Thanks SnowWinter, i am in India so not to worry, but it’s already been around 10 months in MTR status, feeling that chances are very dim now.

keep hopes…MTR takes time…I have seen many MTRs getting approved

Thanks a lot man…hoping for the best…Cheers…!!!

I am in the same situation now.

  1. Did you file MTR and get new receipt number?

  2. How soon did you get the new receipt number if any?

  3. What was the status of Orginal H1B petition number when MTR was in progress?

  4. Was your MTR approved? If so how much time did it take?

@Kamaldeep Singh , is there any update on your MTR case yaar?