2012 H1-B Applicant over 65K~ Pls Help

Pls Correct me if my understanding is wrong: between April 1st to Oct 1st, at any time, my H1-B can possiblly been approved. Once my H1-B is approved, I can carry my vaild F-1 visa, my EAD card and my endorsed I-20 to travel overseas and enter the States. Do I need to leave the States (to my home country) before Sep 30th (and re-enter the States) in order to “active” my H1-B? P.S: my OPT valid till May, 2013.

Moverover, is it more probable for a Master degree than a Bachlor degree to get the H1-B for this year. Is Master degree kinda rolled twice in the lottery ( first from the 20,000 then from the 65,000)

Thanks in advance

Once your H1B is approved and you leave the country, you will have to go for stamping before you can return to the US. Your F1 will no longer be valid since you would have applied for COS.

If you are already in the US when your H1b is approved it will be effective on Oct 1.

Masters degree is eligible for the 20000 cap and if you don’t get through there you will be put into the 65000 cap.

I still not quite get the stamping process you mentioned. If I want to, for example, travel to Mexcio ( or take a cruise to Bahamas) for 5 days, do I need to go to the U.S embassy in Mexcio or Bahamas to get my visa stamped? Or I can do it in the border.

Can you brief describe the stamping process and how long will it takes? Thanks