2 VISA processes at same time

My employer filed H1B this year and it was picked in lottery. But he will not send me to US and I want to study MS in US. I already got 4 admission to 4 colleges.

As my H1B  was picked in lottery  and it will take time for PETITION approval, if I went to F1 VISA INTERVIEW on June20th and if my H1B(filed in April 2014) PETITION got approved on JUNE 30th then my F1 will remain same or H1 come in to picture from that day(I heard some thing about LAST RULE).


Please clarify me on this. Thanks in advance

As you are not in USA, your employer would have filed as general H1B and not Change of Status. So, you should be fine and your H1B status will not kick in automatically. Usually, if someone is already in USA and filed for H1B Visa with COS ( change of Status), then that applies and your status changes to H1B.