2 valid I-797 petitions, visa approval according to which 797?

I have two I-797 petitions, one is valid till til Dec,2012 and another is valid from Jan,2013 to May 2014.

1. If I attend visa interview in Oct 2012, would they give me visa till Dec 2012 or May, 2014? 

2. In D-160 which I-797 number should be used?

Could you please clarify on how you got those 2 I-797s?

I797 valid till Dec,2012 was Renewed in Aug, 2010
I797 valid till May,2014 was Renewed recently premium processing

  1. I think you can use the current I-797 (ending Dec '12) and may be show the other one as proof of extension. If you show only the newer one (starting Jan '13), they might give you VISA from Jan '13 only, not sure.

    1. May be the current one.