2 Rfe's Case denied.. 2 offers in hand in hme country/Enroll for course

Hi Saurabh/All,

I need your suggestions:

It's being 8 months and finally got to hear my result which is a denial after 2 RFE's.

I left job just a month back was on leave ,i had 5 yrs of  IT experince  and now i am having two offers from top MNC back in my home country.


[b]Please suggest shall i go back to my home country and join the new job or stay back here in USA and enroll to some MBA course to get CPT/OPT option.[/b]



CPT option is NOT a suggested way to go. Many people are getting visas rejected because of CPT abuse. just beware of that. Rest is a personal decision.

i am not very much known to cpt/opt but what if i go with a renowned university and then apply visa or cpt/opt whichever applicable …i know i will loose approx 1.5 years or shall i move back to my home country with current offer and try options from there…

Its totally a personal decision. If you join a renowned university they will not give you CPT for more than 5 months and that too after 2 semesters. If you want to learn something good or improve your job prospects go to a university ( well this comes at a cost)

If not you can go to India and join MNC and can come back on H1.

BTW have you ever got your h1 approved atleast once?

this was my first time h1 and rejected…never applied before

ohh…so you cannot apply for H1 transfer either.