1st time visa stamping H1 and H4 together


I am going for H1 stamping along with my wife and kid (they will be for H4) soon,

  1. Do i need to take my kid whos is 2.5 yrs old?

  2. Do i need to carry wedding photo album (which is quite big), i will be carrying marriage certificate and wedding invitation cards?

  3. Do i nned to carry also the original of all the docs (like education, experience letter etc)

  4. Do i nned to carry the pay slip of my previous employments also? i Have recently joined the company who had filed for my H1 and have 1 pay slip from them.

  5. Do i need form 16 also?

I am currently in India and had never been to US and the interview is in Mumbai/




Yes you need to carry all your documentation whatever you have mentioned alsong with your pasports . Child is not necessary to be with you while stamping but you might get preference at the gate to enter and cut the que.

All the best.

  1. Small children are exempted from personally appearing. You can check about the waiver program on the consulate website.

2-5. You need to carry the originals. As for rest of the documents - it is good to carry them, but they may or may not ask for it.